Knowing God

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He Lives in Us!

VictoryIn difficult times of life, we usually ask God to intervene – to come into our situation and “do something.” It’s certainly good to pray and talk to God. Sometimes, we feel that God is not aware of our situation until we tell Him all about it.  Our problems can feel so overwhelming that we may wonder if God is listening.

God wants to do more in our lives than just answer prayers when He is called. He wants to live in us everyday. 2 Corinthians 6:16 says that His plan is to “live in us and be our God.” He is always there to hear our prayers. Romans 6:4 says we are raised up to “walk in newness of life.” A life of fellowship with God daily because He lives in us. A new life of victory and power in Jesus Christ.

We actually don’t have to ask God to be with us. He is already fellowshipping with us because He lives in us. Not only did Jesus promise that He would always be with us (Matt.28:20) but Paul says God lives inside us because we are His temple. That means God is right here, right now, living inside each one of us to accomplish His purposes and plans.

Our difficulty comes in believing that God really does live in us because we know all our personal limitations and short-comings. We know when we lost our temper, when we judged and criticized others. This is one of the reasons Paul says we must walk by faith (2 Cor.5:7). We must believe what God says about us even when we realize that we are not where He wants us to be. We are His creation, His dwelling place and He lives in us.

As you face obstacles in life and begin to pray for God to help you, remember that He is already there. He already knows about your situation. Expect Him to answer your prayers with miracles today.