Pastor at the Water Park


My friend, Rawd Jones, asked me to help out this summer in a water park – Hawaiian Falls in The Colony, Texas. People in swimsuits everywhere – screaming down waterslides, floating in a lazy river, splashing on beaches, eating picnic lunches and laughing with friends under palm topped cabanas.   The same place my 6 year old loves to go.

The owner of Hawaiian Falls wants a weekly employee meeting encouraging servant-leadership and excellence. He wants pastors to regularly walk around the park, rewarding the young life guards and other employees whenever we see them set a good example of service. So, as the Texas sun beams down and kids fly down slides and tubes that take your breath away, I will be out there with my 6 year old, handing out “Make A Difference – Mad Money” the employees can use for prizes at the end of the summer.

A lot of park owners are more interested in financial profit than anything else. But the owner of Hawaiian Falls is interested in greater profit, the profit that comes from investing in people. He wants his customers to know they are in a wonderful place when they are in this park. A place they can enjoy with their family and where employees really are interested in serving the customers.

When I started out in ministry, I had no idea that one day I would be in a water park, doing the same things I’ve done in church buildings for many years; encouraging people in their everyday life to treat others like they would want to be treated. To serve others as they would want to be served.

But isn’t this really what we should all be doing? Encouraging people to be the best they can & serve those around them. Isn’t this really how we should conduct our business; serving those around us to the best of our ability?

Jesus said, in Matthew 23:11, “He that is greatest among you shall be your servant.”