The Church of the Future

I pray that as you read this you are blessed, encouraged and most of all I pray that you do not “become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.”The Church of the Future

The church of the future… the church that endures… the church that is standing in the end, is the church that leads from her knees.  She fights the enemy outside, instead of her family inside her walls.  She is quick to reconcile and restore, not exclude or ostracize.  She offers healing and restoration, spirit, soul and body.

This church is not a hospital for disease research and nursing the infirmed, it is a healing source; a healing room filled with the presence of God, where the sick, the tired, the broken come and are miraculously healed renewed and restored. They are filled with strength to go and bring others to this healing source.  This Church understands she is the vessel but He is the healing water; it is her hands extended, but He is the healing balm.

She walks into the darkness of evil, but never loses sight of the light of His grace. She constantly touches the unclean and dirty, but remains pure by the washing of His word.

She is always generous to the poor, yet never diminishes her wealth.  Her resources are continually spent, but never run out.  She daily walks in abundance and manages well the inheritance of His kingdom. Yet not, clinging to these things, she is ready to sacrifice all for His name sake.

This church operates in the power of God yet rests in the peace of God.  She stand in awe of the greatness of her God yet walks in intimate friendship with Him.  She knows her God in His Love and His Might.

This church travels to the ends of the earth, yet daily stays in the house of her God.  She shouts boldly the good news of the Gospel, yet quietly endures rejection and persecution. This church runs with swiftness to rescue the lost and dying, yet sits patiently to hear His voice.  Her arms are strong and prepared for battle yet in them she tenderly cuddles the newborn.  This church is a mighty army, always marching forward, yet she is still a beautiful maid in waiting.

This church is not built with human hands but by the Spirit of God Himself, for His glory, for His purpose. He brings His building materials from the four corners of the earth. He builds her with the enduring qualities of faith, hope and love.

This church is without singleness of color, commonness of culture or unity of language, yet walks in such harmony that the whole earth will acknowledge her God as the one and only true God. There is room for all who come, none are turned away.  She daily takes in the ugly, despised and rejected; the discards of the world… yet she is so beautiful that Jesus Himself will take her to be His bride.

newGenMen’s Leadership Breakfast




Men’s Leadership Breakfast
with Pastor Joe

Saturday 8:00 AM – 9:30 AM
(1st & 3rd Saturdays of the month)
8:00 AM – Breakfast served
8:20 AM – Study and Discussion
9:00 AM Prayer and Fellowship
Join us and bring a friend

Meets at Pastor Joe’s Home
RSVP (469) 892-6805 or

Studying John Maxwell’s
“Today Matters”
Today’s Relationships Give Me Fulfillment
Today’s Generosity Gives Me Direction

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